Our Atelier

demi ds has been built on personal connections; from the long standing friendships of our pattern makers to the third generation button maker, the traditional silk fabric house established in the 60’s and our family of tailors in their small atelier.

Combining traditional tailoring with contemporary design we make luxury garments with care and are mindful of our environment and the social impact.

Our demi ds pieces are only touched by a few hands, not passed through a multitude of garment processing plants and workers.

The demi ds atelier, the heart of our business, consists of highly skilled tailors who love their craft and display their sartorial workmanship in each shirt.

The team of tailors are multi generational and trained in London before returning to Hong Kong to establish their name and reputation there.

Each natural shell button is attached by hand and has been engraved with our brand as a hallmark of quality and craftmanship.

Our highly regarded pattern makers have 50 years of combined experience, bringing to life the fabrics we source and gather from all over the world, for all our collections. They create the structure and bones of each garment through their carefully thought out specifications.

Each collection is limited edition, the designs timeless, the fabrics exquisite.