Garment Care

Give your clothes some TLC and extend the life of every demi ds piece with our concierge care service .

Silk satin is one of the most beautiful and luxurious fabrics and deserves your care. The lustre of satin comes about by the weave which produces a shine on the top of the fabric. It is versatile, delicate yet durable, strong but breathable and insulating. It's also great for those who have sensitive skin because of its organic non-irritating natural nature. 

Because your demi ds shirt is hand tailored we hope that you can be mindful when cleaning and caring for your silk or cotton shirt and so we recommend that you use a quality dry cleaning service. 

We suggest steaming to freshen and remove wrinkles or steam iron on the reverse side of the garment using a lower setting.

Hang on padded hangers in your wardrobe and use natural garment protectors to keep any moths or silverfish at bay.

For all our quality tailored cotton shirts and other fabrics please follow the instructions on the care label for the best cleaning methods. Alternatively we will look after your cottons for you.

Our exclusive demi ds care concierge service uses a reputable green clean specialist who is an expert in silk, cotton and luxury fabric garments.

All demi ds pieces can be dropped off to us for cleaning and checking if any repairs or maintenance is needed . Prices quoted at time of drop off . 

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